Daewoo Retro Red Microwave Oven Review

An image of a Daewoo Red Retro Microwave Oven

The first time I saw a Daewoo microwave oven product was about seven years ago. Back then, I spotted it at a friend’s and instantly fell in love with the chic design.

Daewoo is a top Korean brand that delves into various activities, ranging from construction to electronics. The company delved into the production of microwave ovens decades ago. Since then, it has constantly churned out excellent microwave ovens that compete favourably on the market.

In the first place, Daewoo produces excellent red retro microwave ovens that perfectly combine features with function. In other words, Daewoo retro red microwave ovens fit well into any environment — the kitchen, library, countertops, office, and more. You name it! But then, the Daewoo red retro microwaves are not just about its aesthetic appeal only. The Daewoo microwaves sport lots of performance features that piqued my interest too. I bet they’ll interest you as well.

In this review, I’ll provide a detailed comparison between two of the best Daewoo retro red microwave oven units: the Daewoo retro countertop microwave oven (KOR-7LRER) and the Daewoo retro red microwave oven (KOR07R3ZER).

Both units share lots of similarities in terms of appearance and performance. However, there are also unique features peculiar to each of them that you’d want to consider before making a choice. But first, let’s highlight the general features of the Daewoo retro red microwaves.

Daewoo Microwave Features

Cute Retro Design

An image of the Daewoo Retro microwave oven showing its design

Both units of the Daewoo retro red microwaves are designed with a retro theme. Talk of something chic, simple, and beautiful in the classic appearance of the ’80s. If you’re a lover of retro designs like me, you can’t help falling in love with these microwaves at first sight. They bring back the feeling of the era. Plus, they reflect the ambiance of the vintage era wherever you use them — your kitchen countertop, apartment, library, dorm, or office. You name it!

An Appealing Red Color

A perfect combination of the retro design and a shiny red colour is too appealing for me to ignore. And that’s another excellent feature I love about these Daewoo units.

Generally, retro microwaves are often beautiful irrespective of colour. But then, using a red finish on an old-fashioned microwave oven seems to highlight the style. Daewoo did an excellent job matching the style, design, and colour on these microwave units. And I love them for that!

When we first tried the Daewoo retro red microwave on a countertop, it blended smoothly. Similarly, we tested it on a library shelf and other positions such as the cabinet and drawers. That was when we discovered that the KOR07R3ZER unit sports a brighter red than the KOR-7LRER unit. Notwithstanding, both units have great appeal.

Simple Interface

Perhaps one of the unique features of the Daewoo retro red microwave units is the simple yet classy interface. Like most vintage devices, both units come with buttons that are easy to operate. The KOR07R3ZER unit has two silver-coloured buttons and a knob with a similar shade. The silver buttons emphasize the bright red colour.

The menu options buttons are arranged in a circle around the knob, which blends nicely with the exterior of the microwave because they are also coloured red and labelled in clear letters. Likewise, the KOR-7LRER unit is equally designed to make operation easy for users. The power button, Stop/Clear and Start buttons, and the knob is in silver print.

Additionally, the unit has four other buttons attached to the LED display. Generally, both KOR-7LRER and KOR07R3ZER units are easy to use, thanks to the simple interface. More so, Daewoo did an excellent job of creating easy controls that improve the microwave’s beauty.

Excellent for Countertop

Not much space in your kitchen? These Daewoo retro microwaves are perfect for your countertop. They are as cute and petite as you see right in the pictures. For those who have lots of space concerns in their kitchen, these microwaves are perfect options. With dimensions of 12/7 x 17.6 x 10.6 inches, both units can easily fit in almost everywhere! To put it into perspective, they are smaller than most other compact microwaves on the market.

Sleek Handle

Another exciting feature that both units of the Daewoo retro red microwaves share is the sleek steel handle. The handles have a unique appeal to the eyes. Notably, the KOR07R3ZER unit sports a beautiful black tube handle and silver steel at the edges. The black tube makes it easy to clean and gives no room for stubborn grease or other stains to stay.

On the other hand, the KOR-7LRER unit is made of shiny silver steel all through. From our experience during the reviews, we found that there’s no fuss about the handle. Both handles are firm and have been able to withstand frequent use. That’s great news for those that do most of their cooking with a microwave.

Safety Child Lock

Both units of this microwave are equipped with a Safety Child Lock to prevent accidents. The lock clips easily and ensures the safety of your kids.

700 Watt Energy Consumption

For so much performance, the Daewoo retro red microwave oven is great at optimizing energy. It consumes a maximum of 700W and has five different power levels. Although most users often prefer higher power levels, the power levels on these units are pretty impressive. We used the microwave ovens for several cooking purposes, ranging from light to heavy cooking, to test it out. Both units were outstanding and left very little room for improvement.

Besides the general features, each of the two Daewoo retro red microwave oven units has terrific features. While most features are pretty similar, there are quite distinctive components that mark each out. So, I’ll highlight the major features of both the KOR-7LRER unit and the KOR07R3ZER unit to help you decide on which option suits you best.

Daewoo Retro Red Microwave Oven (KOR-7LRER)

A picture of the Daewoo KOR-7LRER Retro Countertop microwave

Since its launch in 2016, the Daewoo retro red microwave (KOR-7LRER) has been one of the top competitors. Talk of a grand appearance, cute retro design, excellent features, and outstanding durability. What’s more, all for a pocket-friendly price!

This countertop microwave remains a favourite, and it’s easy to understand why. It is excellent for small spaces in the apartment, relatively easy to use, and easy to clean. More so, it has great durability if adequately maintained.

Besides the general features identified earlier, the Daewoo retro red microwave (KOR-7LRER) has its strong points. Let’s see some of its unique features that give you great value for your money.

Zero Standby Function

The Daewoo retro red microwave (KOR-7LRER) consumes only 700W of energy. But what is even more interesting is that it saves more resources when on standby. Here is an excellent option for you if you’re someone who uses your microwave at regular intervals. This is because, during standby, this microwave unit consumes zero energy.

Meanwhile, most other microwaves use as much as 50% energy during standby, thereby saving only half. But the Daewoo retro red microwave (KOR-7LRER) saves you the extra cost and keeps global energy maximized.

Two-Way Defrost System

Unlike many other microwaves, this Daewoo retro red microwave comes with a two-way defrost system. Now, why does that matter? Using the double defrost system saves cooking time. This is because the heat waves are pumped from the two ends of the microwave width. Not to mention, the two-way defrost system ensures that your food is evenly cooked.

5 Micropower Levels

Want more power levels for roasting, baking, and making soup? The Daewoo retro red microwave has as many as five power levels to serve your cooking needs. The power levels can be adjusted using the knob, and I find it expressly easy to rotate the knob.

On the other hand, you can also reset the power level to suit a different cooking purpose. All you need to do is click the Stop/Clear button right below the knob. After that, enter the right setting for the next meal, and you’re good to go!

4 Auto Cook Menu

If you don’t particularly enjoy resetting the microwave, not to worry, you’re not alone. Sometimes, I feel too pressed for time to adjust the microwave too. So, I opt instead for the auto cook setup. The Daewoo microwave comes with four distinct auto cook menus that save you the stress of resetting.

Cons on the Daewoo Retro Red Microwave (KOR-7LRER)

I understand that Daewoo has already improved on this unit. But, all the same, here are the few downsides we could spot.

Low-Power Levels

If you don’t use your microwave too often, this unit will serve you just fine. But if you’re a heavy user, you might have to deal with the low power levels for advanced cooking.

Takes Longer Time

Maybe if it had a higher wattage, it would perform better. But with 700W, this unit cannot be compared to microwaves with higher wattage. Notwithstanding, it is excellent for defrosting soup, reheating beverages, and other low-power cooking.

Daewoo Retro Red Microwave (KOR07R3ZER)

An image of the red Daewoo KOR07R3ZER microwave oven

The Daewoo retro red microwave (KOR07R3ZER) is an impressive improvement on the KOR-7LRER unit. Launched in 2019, this unit of the Daewoo retro red microwave has garnered great favourable customer reviews.

First off, the retro design is more appealing, with apparent adjustments to the exterior. On the earlier unit (KOR-7LRER), the auto-cook buttons on the body are arranged in a square shape. But this unit sports a round, appealing, and classy look. More so, the bright red colour on the Daewoo retro red microwave (KOR07R3ZER) is a significant point of appeal. You’ll love the sharp presence of the microwave on your countertop.

Here are some of the fantastic features we love about this unit.

Broad Internal Dimensions

This Daewoo retro microwave has the same small chic outlook on the exterior as most other compact microwaves. In contrast, the interior has broader usable dimensions than usual. Daewoo effectively managed the internal space to provide room for large dinner plates and an average mug.

To put it into perspective, this means that you get to remove your plates and mugs without stress. For example, I used to have a hard time pulling out full mugs from most compact microwaves. There was hardly room to pull out a full cup. As a result, I had to tilt the cup to the side, which sometimes caused the content to spill. But with internal dimensions of 10.75 x 6.75 x 9.75 inches, there is no such stress with this Daewoo unit.

Extremely Lightweight

Another significant selling point of the Daewoo retro red microwave (KOR07R3ZER) is that it is lightweight. Although it is made of the same plastic and metal materials as the earlier unit, this microwave is optimized. At just 22.8 pounds, it is significantly lighter than many other compact countertop microwaves, which are typically more than 23 pounds. If the need arises, you’ll find it extremely easy to carry this microwave about.

Concave Reflex System

In this unit, Daewoo improved on the dual wave system present in the KOR-7LRER unit. The introduction of the Concave Reflex technology creates a diagonal wave system. In other words, instead of dispersing in straight lines, the waves are released diagonally. As a result, all parts of the food receive heat and cooks evenly. Furthermore, this technology saves time since the waves are rightly directed.

Flat Turntable

While the idea of a relatively flat turntable sounds new and unnecessary, it is effective for space management. Most microwaves come with a high turntable which takes up much internal space. On the contrary, this Daewoo retro red microwave comes with a flat tray, making it much easier for you to put food in or take it out.

Zero Standby

Although most modern microwaves take steps to save the earth’s limited resources, Daewoo raises the bar with this unit. With a complete zero standby technology, the unit saves one-third of annual energy consumed. Unlike most other microwaves that consume about 50% energy during standby, this Daewoo microwave uses 0%. After 10 minutes of inactivity, the microwave automatically activates the standby mode.

Cons on the Daewoo Retro Red Microwave (KOR07R3ZER)

To be fair enough, the negative features of this unit are somewhat debatable. In essence, some users might consider what I highlight here as advantages. Either way, it all depends on your individual use. That said, here are a few areas where I think this unit could use some improvement.

No Clock

For starters, some users do not fancy clocks on microwaves. But if you’re big on this feature, bear in mind that this unit lacks one.

Low Stands

Here is an essential factor to consider when deciding where to place this microwave: the feet or stand beneath the appliance are so small that they glide effortlessly over the countertop. Each time I used this microwave, it moves about on its own. As a result, I had to tuck into a corner to prevent unnecessary gliding. In essence, it is advisable to use this microwave in very tight corners; so it doesn’t get enough room to glide.

Loud Beep after Standby

We must commend Daewoo for the excellent standby feature. But when you get back to use this microwave after a standby, it gives a loud beep. The beep is activated by opening the door after a standby, and it can’t be muted. This might be a slight turn-off if you have to use it during the night or office hours.


Overall, the Daewoo retro red microwave ovens are highly rated among users. We enjoyed reviewing both units, and I have also recommended them to others. If you want a cute red retro microwave that is highly space-efficient, either of the two units reviewed will make a great choice.

More so, they have easy controls and a friendly human interface. This implies that anyone can use them, from Generation Z to Baby boomers.

Plus, both units are equipped with features that make them highly convenient to use. So, if you’re big on sophisticated features, the Daewoo retro red microwave is a great choice. An innovative concave system, dual waves, ZerON standby, and more. All for very friendly prices!

What’s more, both units of the Daewoo retro red microwave oven are pretty durable and efficient. So, if you want a space-efficient retro microwave that offers excellent value for your money, the Daewoo retro red microwave (KOR-7LRER and KOR07R3ZER) are great options.

If you’d like to see more retro microwave ovens, check out our recommendations in the best retro microwave ovens.

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