Samsung ME19R7041FS Microwave Oven Review

Today we’ll be sharing real customer testimonials to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons associated with the Samsung ME19R7041FS microwave oven. We believe it’s important to hear from those who have firsthand experience with the product to make an informed decision.

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Actual Testimonials

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the feedback provided by three customers who have shared their honest opinions about the Samsung ME19R7041FS model microwave.

Customer #1

The ME19R7041FS model is undeniably a remarkable microwave that excels in its cooking performance. Its overall construction appears to be of high quality, prompting me to rate it favorably with 4 stars. However, I must mention an aspect that prevents me from awarding it a full 5-star rating—the touch pad’s lack of clarity.

To elaborate, locating the specific buttons on the touch pad can prove to be quite challenging. Unlike my previous microwaves, which featured discernible detents or bumps on the buttons, this particular model has flat buttons that lack tactile feedback. Over time, this seemingly trivial detail has transformed into a genuine inconvenience. It becomes particularly evident when attempting to find and press buttons in low-light situations, such as turning off the range light at midnight. In such instances, one is compelled to illuminate the area with another light source simply to locate the intended button. Similarly, programming certain cook features on the microwave can be an exasperating ordeal, potentially leading one to contemplate ordering takeout rather than navigating the frustrating button interface.

Samsung, if you address this issue and enhance the clarity of your keypad design, your microwave will undoubtedly earn a well-deserved 5-star rating. The improvement of this seemingly minor aspect would elevate the overall user experience, making it a truly exceptional appliance.

Customer #2:

Around a year ago, we made the decision to invest in this ME19R7041FS Samsung microwave. Unfortunately, our experience with this appliance has been less than satisfactory. The initial unit we received had a problem with the turntable motor, resulting in an annoying noise. Thankfully, Samsung promptly replaced it with a new one, which is the model we currently have.

Regrettably, we now face a different issue with the control panel. The buttons require excessive force to respond, making it frustrating to use. To make matters worse, the once sleek black panel has gradually transformed into an unappealing grayish hue. When we reached out to Samsung for assistance, their response was disheartening. They attributed the panel discoloration to excessive heat exposure and essentially shrugged off the matter, leaving us to deal with it on our own.

What baffles us the most is that this microwave is specifically designed to be installed over a stove, and ours is paired with a Samsung stove and oven purchased simultaneously. Common sense dictates that an appliance intended for over-the-range use should be able to withstand the normal heat emitted from cooking surfaces. Samsung’s customer service, or rather the lack thereof, has left us utterly disappointed. Their refusal to address the issue is simply unacceptable. After all, it’s their product that is failing in the very environment it’s intended for.

In addition to the microwave, we also purchased a refrigerator and dishwasher from Samsung at the same time. Unfortunately, we haven’t been overly impressed with any of them, except for the stove, which performs relatively better. Our decision to switch from our previous LG appliances, which we found to be superior in terms of quality, was solely driven by the desire to have a matching stainless steel set. However, this experience has made it clear that we will never consider purchasing Samsung appliances again.

To summarize, the overall quality of our Samsung microwave has been disappointing, and their customer service has been a letdown. The lack of care and concern for their own products is evident, especially considering the appliance’s intended purpose. We regret our decision to trust Samsung and advise others to proceed with caution when considering their appliances.

Customer #3

Right from the start, our experience with the ME19R7041FS microwave was far from satisfactory. One of the main issues we encountered was the incredibly hard button presses required to make them function properly. Additionally, we discovered a major inconvenience: it was impossible to use the timer and heat food simultaneously, which hindered our cooking process. Another frustrating aspect was the complexity of setting the clock. Despite referring to the manual, we found the instructions provided to be incorrect and misleading. According to the manual, the process involved pressing and holding the Power Level button for three seconds, inputting the time, selecting AM/PM by pressing Power Level again, and finally pressing Start. It took us quite a while to decipher this convoluted procedure.

To compound our disappointment, within a mere three months of purchase, the microwave completely ceased to function effectively. Despite the machine emitting noises suggestive of heating and the turntable rotating, the food remained persistently cold. In our frustration, we promptly submitted a service request through the Samsung website. However, instead of a straightforward confirmation, we received a text message instructing us to call a designated phone number to confirm the appointment. Little did we anticipate the ordeal this would become.

We called the given number not once, but twice, only to be subjected to excruciatingly long wait times exceeding an hour. It was incredibly frustrating to go through this tedious process, especially considering that we had already entered all the necessary information on the website. Finally, after enduring the seemingly endless hold, we managed to confirm our appointment.

Although the repair did manage to restore the microwave’s functionality, we were disheartened to find that the cover had become warped in the process. Unsightly bulges and deformations were now evident, further detracting from the overall appearance of the appliance.

In summary, our dissatisfaction with the microwave began with the overly forceful button presses required and the inability to utilize the timer and heat food simultaneously. The confusion surrounding clock setting instructions in the manual only added to our frustration. Within a short period of time, the microwave’s functionality deteriorated, leading to an arduous process of seeking repair assistance through Samsung’s website, which ultimately necessitated additional phone calls and lengthy wait times. Although the repair did address the functionality issue, it unfortunately resulted in a warped cover that significantly marred the microwave’s aesthetic appeal.

Our experience with this Samsung ME19R7041FS microwave has left us profoundly disappointed. The combination of usability issues, incorrect instructions, and subsequent difficulties in obtaining service has undermined our trust in the brand. We urge potential buyers to be cautious when considering this particular microwave model.


In conclusion, the customer testimonials regarding the Samsung ME19R7041FS microwave oven present a diverse range of experiences and perspectives. While one customer highlights the appliance’s remarkable cooking performance but emphasizes the need for improved keypad clarity, another expresses disappointment in the overall quality and lack of customer service. The third customer outlines usability issues, incorrect instructions, and difficulties encountered during the repair process.

It’s evident that each customer’s experience with the ME19R7041FS microwave oven has influenced their overall satisfaction with the product. We hope that by sharing these testimonials, we have provided you with valuable insights that will assist you in making an informed decision based on your specific needs and priorities.

Remember to consider the different perspectives and weigh the pros and cons to determine whether this microwave oven aligns with your requirements. As always, we encourage you to explore additional reviews and conduct further research to gain a comprehensive understanding of the product before making your final decision.

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