COMFEE Retro Compact Microwave Oven Review

Ever wondered what life would be like without a microwave oven? That useful small device right in the corner of your apartment or office that heats your food. Over time, microwave ovens have evolved in style and use, proving just how integral they are to our everyday lives.

An Image of a COMFEE Red Microwave oven

The Usefulness of Microwave Ovens

Beyond reheating food, microwave ovens can now be used for roasting, proofing yeast, and heating beauty products. What’s more? They can also help disinfect kitchenware and add an extra touch of beauty to your kitchen!

Perhaps, the best thing about newer microwaves is that they come with lots of exciting features. Eco mode, Auto defrost, and Child Safety Lock is only some of the features that make microwaves more appealing than ever. Therefore, it is completely fine if you’re looking for a microwave with unique features. After all, we all want a sophisticated microwave that offers enough value for our money.

But then, possibly due to limited space, you might prefer a compact microwave that fits perfectly anywhere. In essence, a smart compact microwave that does not sacrifice function for size but instead combines excellent features with a cool retro red design that gives your kitchen a classic feel. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve got a perfect fit that offers you even more! Yes, it’s the COMFEE retro compact microwave oven (AM720C2RA-R).

Now, why the COMFEE Retro Compact Microwave Oven? If you’re looking for a reliable retro countertop microwave oven, this COMFEE microwave unit is a great option. In this review, I’ll highlight all you need to know about this fantastic retro compact microwave. So, if you’re ready, let’s get to the review.

The COMFEE Retro Compact Microwave Oven

Within the past decades, COMFEE has produced high-efficiency home appliances that provide users with a great experience. In particular, COMFEE microwaves are designed with impressive responsiveness. This allows for a user’s ease of use, a concept that makes COMFEE microwaves some of the most popular microwave ovens on the market.

In our research, we compared the usability of COMFEE microwaves with other brands. Turns out COMFEE pays special attention to making their microwaves extremely easy to use for all kinds of users. The COMFEE Retro Compact Microwave Oven (AM720C2RA-R) bears witness to this. The microwave oven comes with lots of unique features for optimal performance, including a position memory turntable. With these functions in place, anyone anywhere can use this device without a manual. And this is precisely why lots of microwave users are in love with this COMFEE product.

More so, for a compact microwave oven, this appliance boasts 700W of power and 10 cooking power levels! What more could we have asked for? For all its features, the COMFEE Retro compact microwave comes at a pocket-friendly price. It is a users’ favourite, and it gives enough value for money.

COMFEE Retro Microwave’s Specifications and Features


  • Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 14.1 x 10.2 inches
  • Product Weight: 24 pounds
  • Brand Name: COMFEE
  • Model Number: AM720C2RA-R
  • Cooking Capacity: 0.7 cubic feet
  • Power Capacity: 700W
  • Power Levels: 10 Levels
  • Installation Type: Countertop
  • Turntable Diameter: 10.4 inches
  • Colour: Passionate Red (Also available in cream and pastel Green)


For starters, I love this microwave oven for its chic outlook. Talk of space management, this appliance is built to fit in anywhere — countertop, in a cabinet, shelf, office, dorm, or in a drawer. You name it!

For our kitchen presentation test, we checked its outlook on different settings in an apartment. First, we placed it against the background in a kitchen, and it blended easily enough with the furniture and other kitchenware. We also tried it in the home office. Guess what? It was a perfect fit!

A COMFEE Red Microwave oven sitting on a desk

The Retro Look

However, a compact design is not all there is to the exterior of this COMFEE microwave oven. It also sports a cute retro facelift that gives your kitchen the aura of the good old days. This is one of the appeals of this microwave; it comes in a vibrant red colour that emphasizes the retro design and makes it bold and appealing.

Additionally, if you want other colour varieties, the unit is also available in cream and pastel green. The choice is up to you! Choose the one that aligns best with your kitchen or office interior decoration.

Compact Size

Moreover, with dimensions of 17.3″ x 14.1″ x 10.2”, this COMFEE microwave fits in the most convenient places. Its compact size can also save you space for other appliances in your kitchen.

Plus, this COMFEE microwave smartly combines a compact design with excellent features.

Useful Features for Ease of Use

Visible on the exterior is a sleek steel handle that gives it a touch of modernity. Likewise, it sports 5 labelled buttons and a knob for easy control. I also love the fact that the buttons are marked with simple instructional icons instead of words. So, anyone, from a smart 9-year-old to a granny, can operate this device without hassle.

You’ll also like the LED display that completes the exterior design of this microwave. LED displays are standard features of most modern microwaves, but the cool feel of the LED display light on this microwave makes it stand out.

A Con Point: its Heavy Weight

However, one thing that brings down the rating of the COMFEE retro microwave is its somewhat heavy. For a compact device with 700W, most people would consider it heavy at 24 pounds. Notwithstanding, this is a forgivable dip considering the enormous features that come with this appliance.

By the way, if you don’t have to move it about constantly, you’re not likely to notice the weight.

But then, is the COMFEE retro compact microwave all about design? Surely not! It comes with enough wattage capacity to meet all your cooking demands.

Optimal Performance

Looking for a microwave oven that can cater to your basic cooking needs as quickly as possible? The COMFEE retro compact microwave oven is a great choice, and here’s why. For a compact device, it sports a 700W capacity. And that’s about the highest wattage capacity you can get on most compact microwaves.

Now, let’s skip the figures and focus instead on the performance of this device during actual use.

While we were testing the COMFEE microwave, we thought it had up to 1000W capacity! The speed and powerful cooking ability of this device is a wonder. We tried it for different operations, including cooking, reheating, roasting, and defrosting. And it performed excellently well on each occasion.

In essence, you have nothing to worry about if you do a variety of cooking operations with your microwave. The capacity level on this compact device has got you covered. Even though it comes with a 700W capacity, it operates on 10 different power levels. And that’s more than enough to cover all your cooking functions. What’s more, your COMFEE retro compact microwave oven saves up on space but never on power. You still get to enjoy maximum energy output!

Whereas many other microwaves come with 6 preset cooking menus, this machine sports a record 9! With 10 power levels and 9 auto preset menus, the COMFEE retro compact is an all-rounder device.

These preset options include food items such as pizza, popcorn, meat, vegetable, beverage, pasta, and soup. With these options available you don’t have to guess the right power level for your meals. All you have to do is hit the right buttons, and it gets your cooking done in due time!

Time and Energy-Saving Modes

Another added feature that endears this microwave to lots of users is the extra 30-seconds fast cooking. In essence, this COMFEE retro device has enough power capacity to save 30 seconds of your cooking time, a feature you get to enjoy even more when you’re defrosting.

Moreover, the COMFEE retro compact microwave oven does not just save your time, it also has an eco-friendly feature that limits energy consumption. During standby, the device minimizes power use by as much as 50%. With the ECO mode in place, you get to maximize global resources and save utility costs. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Mute Function

Are you tired of the annoying endless beeps that come with most microwave ovens? COMFEE is too! So, this COMFEE retro compact microwave oven comes with an added mute feature to keep noise away.

The mute feature is connected right to the power button. Simply long-press the power button for 3 seconds, and the sound will turn off. Henceforth, you don’t have to worry about your microwave waking the family up at night thanks to this feature.

An Image of a COMFEE Red Microwave oven showing baby and demonstrating the mute function

Interior Light

Another key feature of this microwave worthy of note is the added internal light. The COMFEE retro compact microwave oven comes with an interior light system, saving you the stress of wondering how the food is being cooked inside the microwave.

If you use your microwave mainly during the day, especially in the office, this might not sound as significant. On the other hand, if your microwave serves you in dark areas like the home library, it’s a vital feature.

Child Safety Lock

As someone with kids running around the house, this is a critical feature for me. For fear that my toddlers would want to play around the microwave during use, I always look out for this feature. The child safety lock feature keeps the control panel locked to prevent accidents. Although it is advisable to keep microwaves out of children’s reach, the child lock ensures absolute safety.

Position Memory Turntable

In addition to its impressive features, the COMFEE retro compact microwave oven sports a glass turntable. Since this is a compact microwave, the turntable couldn’t take my 12″ dinner plate. Nevertheless, it contained my 10.5” plate. The use of the turntable is to automatically rotate the food item to help it cook evenly.

But that’s not the best part of this COMFEE microwave turntable. In this device, the glass turntable is built with a unique position memory technology. Thus, it rotates and automatically positions your mug or dish just the same way you put it in. In essence, it makes it highly convenient to remove your foods from the microwave.

Although the turntable is glass and detachable, it is relatively small and insufficient for large families. Hence, it might take users who have to do large cooking to cook in smaller bits. Nonetheless, the memory turntable compensates for this slight inadequacy. Remember that it’s a compact device, after all!

Easy Controls

Here is a common factor people look for while getting a microwave oven. So, don’t feel odd if you’re bent on getting a microwave oven with simple controls. After all, it is a kitchen appliance and not a programming course. So, why should a microwave be challenging to operate?

Well, the truth is, some microwaves are easier to operate than others. And the COMFEE retro compact microwave (AM720C2RA-R) is one of the easiest I’ve used so far. To start with, the device comes with only five buttons and a knob. The buttons are evenly arranged on the exterior of the microwave to add to its brilliant outlook.

Additionally, the buttons are equally labeled with images to allow for easy use and break language barriers. The buttons include the Easy Defrost, +30 seconds control button, and the timer, which doubles as the mute button. Plus, all 10 power levels on the COMFEE retro compact microwave can be controlled using these buttons.

Likewise, the knob positioned a few inches above the buttons is easy on the hands. It is also labeled with clear, instructive images for all kinds of users. The best part is that anyone anywhere in the world can use this device with express ease. And that’s because the controls are super easy to learn — even for first-time users.

High Durability

Worried about durability? COMFEE engineers seem to have put that in mind while assembling this microwave. For a 700W appliance, this device impressed me with its durability.

Previously, I’ve had some painful experiences with microwaves of this capacity. Some of them broke down within 6 to 12 months of use. Those that managed to function for so long had already reduced in speed and power levels.

On the contrary, the COMFEE retro microwave is a little beast. I tested and compared the speed levels at the first use, 6 months, and 12 months later. At each point, there was never a dip in its speed or power levels. With adequate maintenance, the retro compact microwave will give you optimal performance for as long as possible.

1-Year Warranty

As a topping on the cake, COMFEE adds a limited one-year warranty to the package. What more can you ask for? As long as you can provide the packaging, COMFEE will process a replacement or full refund if need be.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter where you got the unit from. Simply contact their customer service with the required product information, and they’ll respond promptly.

A Few Things We Didn’t Like

There’s no doubting the fact that the COMFEE retro compact microwave is a great kitchen appliance. However, there a few downsides that we thought you might want to consider before making the choice to purchase the microwave oven.

For us, most of the cons of this device are forgivable. But since taste differs, it is best to lay them all out to see for yourself. If these factors are serious concerns for you, you can consider our other recommendations instead.

Small Turntable

First off, if you’re big on large microwaves, this might not be the best microwave oven for you. This is because it is a compact device designed to sit on countertops, refrigerators, cabinets, drawers, etc.

Conversely, the small size could be a cause for concern because the device comes with smaller components. As a case study, the device turntable is smaller than the regular turntables on most microwaves. At just 10.4 inches, the detachable glass turntable can barely hold a 10.5 inches dinner plate. Larger dinner plates about 11 inches wide or more have no chance with this device.

As a result, we wouldn’t recommend it for homes with large families who cook with wide dinner plates. Otherwise, you might have to cook in small bits. But then, if that’s not too much sacrifice to pay for the fantastic features on this microwave, you should definitely consider this microwave for its other great features.

Consumes More Energy Than 700 Watts

At first, we thought there was a technical glitch on the first unit we tested. So, we tried another unit and realized that the device consumes more energy than 700W. Although the standard wattage is 700W, it consumes more energy, especially when used on high power levels.

However, this wouldn’t be a problem if you use the microwave on a power generating set with a higher maximum wattage.

Heavy Weight

A 24-pound compact microwave might not be the bulkiest microwave oven you’ve seen. But for a device with dimensions of 17.3 x 14.1 x 10.2 inches, 24 pounds is somewhat on the high side. We all want a compact device that fits smartly into our kitchen, dorm, office, or home library. In essence, a device smart and compact enough to be moved about as the need arises. But with so much weight, you would want to give that idea a second thought.

In all, the weight of the COMFEE retro compact microwave oven is a forgivable demerit. It is easy to understand why it weighs that much because it comes with extra components.

Short Power Cord

We suspect that the power chord length could be a concern for some users. It is relatively shorter than the 30-inch cord you find on most standard microwaves. For us, this isn’t a problem since the device doesn’t have any difficulty fitting into tiny spaces. Whether the cord length serves you well enough depends on where you use the device.

Short Height

The internal dimensions of this microwave are 12.04” x 11.95” x 8.08.” However, in practice, the internal height isn’t convenient enough for retracting a tall mug. Although the height measures approximately 11″, it could be somewhat tricky when pulling out a full cup.

An image showing the description of the COMFEE retro microwave oven turntable dimension

On the other hand, you can use smaller mugs. And you wouldn’t have any problem whatsoever with the dimensions of this microwave.

Insufficient Energy Management

For a device with ECO mode, most users would expect a complete zero standby system. The zero standby function means that the microwave consumes zero energy during standby. But the COMFEE retro compact microwave saves only 50% energy when not in use. In any case, this retro compact microwave maximizes energy resources but could use some improvement.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Thanks to the steel exterior, the COMFEE retro compact microwave is easy to clean. Nevertheless, for proper cleaning and adequate maintenance, you could follow the steps suggested below:

  • Get a solution of lime, lemon, and a few tablespoons of vinegar in a ceramic or steel bowl.
  • Leave the bowl in the microwave at a high power level until the mixture boils
  • After boiling, switch off the microwave and leave for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Open the door and extract the bowl.
  • After that, remove the detachable turntable.
  • Use a soft sponge to wipe the interior clean.
  • Clean the exterior with a sponge and warm water.


For the most part, the COMFEE retro compact microwave remains one of the best small retro countertop microwaves on the market. We can’t help falling in love with the appealing vintage design and useful features. It is small and fits easily into any space available to give your kitchen, apartment, or office a throwback atmosphere.

More so, this unit comes in a vibrant red colour that adds confidence and a touch of style to your kitchen. But again, the COMFEE retro countertop microwave is not all about its appearance only. The microwave oven boasts 10 power levels, much more than most other compact countertop microwaves. Besides this, the microwave sports unique features, ranging from child lock to ECO mode.

As pointed out earlier, this retro microwave’s small compact size could cause concern in certain areas. Hence, we do not recommend it for large families. But, if you want a retro compact countertop microwave that combines appearance with excellent performance, the COMFEE retro compact microwave is a great option!

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